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COMPETITION between private hire drivers tends to be fierce everywhere. In guildford it has turned violent. Over the past few years, some Guildford Taxi drivers in guildford where the various companies operate regularly, have been providing cheap fares they are not even cost effective hence destroying the market. Taxis in guildford drivers has taken various serious actions, asking the authorities to block access each others access. Guildford cabs, taxis business is also effected by Wikipedia and, an online travel agent, as well as thousands of other web pages.

Guildford has lot of successful airport transfers business where cab companies operate from guildford to Heathrow, guildford to Gatwick and to many other airports.

Most of guildford cabbies are perfectly nice people who resort neither to violence nor to anti-Semitism when faced with new market entrants or afternoon traffic. We hope this competition remain competitive in the rightful manner.